Here are the current propane prices for Vermont for the week ending January 19, 2015

12/15/2014 2.922
12/22/2014 2.945
12/29/2014 2.893
1/5/2015 2.871
1/12/2015 2.853
1/19/2015 2.994

Heating fuel prices in Vermont are not regulated. However there are laws designed to help consumers from getting ripped off. The Vermont Energy Act of 2011  helped to strengthen consumer protection.

This law has now stopped propane dealers from the following:

  • Requiring a minimum annual fuel purchase. This is allowed only under a guarantees price plan.
  • Charging a minimum use fee
  • Charging a fee for termination of service if the tank has been on your property for more than 12 months

To further protect consumers, there are now new customer disclosure forms that a dealer must fill out for you. This will show you line by line what you are being charged for and exactly how much the charge will be so there are no surprises for you.

Other helpful links:

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Vermont Attorney General Office Consumer Fraud Rule (CF) 111 Regualtion Of Propane effective January 1, 2012

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