This is one you never really think about, but would be surprised how much air leakage there is with this. Go check under your kitchen sink and your bathroom sinks. Since the cabinet doors usually cover these, you don’t notice them. But open those doors and feel around the pipes. Especially on those cold windy days. Feel that breeze? That’s making your house colder and costing you money.

You will also need to check the pipes in the basement that run up to the living areas of your home. That’s a way for heat to escape from your house.

Also check around the wiring too. That is another place for warm air to escape.

To stop those leaks, there are 2 ways to do that. One way would be to take pieces of insulation and to jam them into the open space. Be sure to wear gloves and a facemask. You can use a screwdriver to help push the insulation in.

Another way would be to use spray foam insulation like Good Stuff. This is foam in a can in simple terms. Shake the can up and spray just a little bit of foam into the crevices and open space. The foam will then rapidly expand to fill the gaps. It is very effective to use.
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