Why is Mont Belvieu (or Mt. Belvieu) important to propane pricing? After all it is a small town in Texas with a population of about 4,000 people. However about a mile underground are large salt caverns. It is in these caverns that most of our propane is stored. The salt caverns can hold over 40 million barrels of propane gas. They have been used to store propane since the middle 1950’s. This storage facility makes Mt. Belvieu perhaps the most important hub for the storage and pricing of propane gas.

You can find Mont Belvieu propane prices here.

From this storage, propane can move to several areas of the country via pipelines. These pipelines travel to other storage facilites in the Northeast and Southeast and also travel to the Gulf Of Mexico where the propane can be transported by ship.

Remember when you see the propane prices from Mont Belvieu, that doesn’t included freight or tariff charges to your location. All that will be added ot the Mt. Belvieu price.

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