Maine propane gas prices for the week ending January 19, 2015

12/15/2014 2.758
12/22/2014 2.715
12/29/2014 2.703
1/5/2015 2.688
1/12/2015 2.704
1/19/2015 2.69

Helpful links for Maine propane users:

Efficiency Maine Website

Shows how you can lower your energy costs and possibly qualify for loans to improve your energy efficiency



Governor’s office of energy independence and Security

Helpful site from the Governor’s office



Maine energy marketers

Find a local dealer and energy saving tips.



Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Maine State Housing Authority web site. If you qualify, you may be able to get assistance from the state to help pay for your heating bills. Also weatherization plans and other ways to lower your energy costs.


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