Buy A Tank Nanny!

Tank Nanny – Propane Transportation Safety Device

The Tanknanny® is here! Traveling with propane can be unnerving, but no longer do you have to worry about the safety of yourself and others when you take the trip to refill your propane. No more rolling or tipping tanks in the back of your car or pickup, and no dirt or rust stains on the interior of your car!

Barbecue season is soon upon us. The moment I think of that I can smell the burgers and dogs grilling. Hanging out with friends and family on a summer day around a BBQ is a wonderful thing. Something that is not so wonderful is going back and forth with a propane gas tank to return the empty and pick up a full one. Whether you go to a propane refill station or use a propane tank exchange, it is a hassle. I’ve recently have come across something that will make it easier and safer to transport your propane gas tank. It’s called the Tank Nanny.

How many times have you driven around with the tank in your car and it’s rolling around knocking against the inside of your car? We have all tried various ways to keep the tank from moving about. I have usually tried to jamb it between the front and back seat, but even still it tends to get loose. Trying to wedge it in the back of the SUV does work either. Plus after we have used the tank, it’s dirty and maybe has a little rust on it. You don’t want that mess in the car.

The tank nanny is a safer way of transporting propane tanks. Instead of having that tank roll around inside your car, this will hold the tank securely in place. This is accomplished by the simple design of this product. Picture a large bowl. Your propane tank fits snugly inside of the bowl area. Here is the best part; it has a piece where you can run the seat belt through it, thus using the seat belt to secure it to your seat. No more worries about the tank rolling around and messing up the interior of your car.

The Tank Nanny weighs around 4 pounds so it’s very light to use and move around with. It is made of recycled plastic and comes in several colors for those of you who like to match your car. No special tools are need at all. Simply place on your car seat and belt it in like a child. It could also be used in the trunk of you car or in the cargo area of your SUV. As long as you have a flat surface to place it on, you should be good to go.

When not in use, you can leave it in the trunk or cargo area and use it to hold groceries, water bottles or anything else that is back there and rolls around.

The Tank Nanny goes for around $20. That’s a cheap insurance to prevent a propane tank from rolling around your car. You can easily find it online and have it to use in just a few days. Just in time for the first BBQ.

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