Replacing your old thermostat with a new programmable one is very easy to do. By choosing to replace you thermostat with a programmable thermostat will save you money and will keep your home comfortable automatically.

What tools will you need?

  • Your new thermostat
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil

Read the instructions

Read the instruction manual thoroughly. Be sure that the thermostat is compatible with your system. If you have any doubts, contact the manufacturer and ask one of their specialists.

  • Turn off the power to the thermostat.
  • Carefully remove the old thermostat. You should also remove the old back plate too. Many older models contain a glass tube that has mercury in it. Be careful not to break the glass. Check with your local sanitation for proper disposal.
  • Label the wires on your system. You may want to use tape to label each one.
  • If there is a new wall plate, measure and use a level to mark its location. Remove the plate and then drill the holes that you marked. If necessary, use dry wall anchors.
  • Attach the wires to the new thermostat. On older models there just might be 2 wires to attach. Most new thermostats will have letter designations to show you where the wires should go. For example the red wire would be attached to the letter R on the new one. Check the manual.
  • Install new batteries if required.
  • Install the unit to the wall plate.
  • Turn the power back on to the thermostat and check instructions on how to set your temperature.


And that is all there is to it. In just a few minutes you have switched out your old thermostat to a new model that can help you save money.

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