Electric ceramic heatersceramic heater have become a very popular way to warm up a small room or office. One of the reasons is that they are not only small, but also very energy efficient too. They use about 85 percent of the electricity it receives and turns it into usable heat. On top of that, they are much safer to use than the old coil space heaters.

A ceramic space heater is a convection heater. That means that the ceramic element becomes warm and the fan in the unit will blow that warm air out into the room. The ceramic plate becomes hot due to the electric current that runs through it. However the unit remains cool to the touch. This is a huge advantage that these heaters have over the old coil heaters. Coil heaters would get to hot and you would run the risk of being burned, or if it tipped over, could cause a fire.

Portable ceramic heaters can also heat up much more quickly; delivering the heat you need fast. To speed up the heating process, some ceramic space heaters have multiple plates to warm up faster.

Most heaters will come with a fan and an adjustable thermostat. The fan is used to push the heat out into the room from the ceramic element. The thermostat allows you to set it at your desired temperature and then leave it. It will cycle on and off as needed.

You may see small ceramic heaters in offices. They can be placed under a desk and wont take up much room at al since they are so small. They are even safe and small enough to put on a table or desk too.

Large ceramic heaters are for when you need to warm up a larger room. Many of these will be of a tower design. Some will even have an oscillating fan to move the heat through the room. In fact some of them even have a remote control so you can control it from anywhere in the room without getting up.

Many people now use ceramic heaters to lower the heat in the rest of the house. If you are only using one room in your home at night, it can make sense to lower the heat to the rest of the house while using the heater in the room you occupy. What waste money heating rooms you are not using?

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