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What Influences Propane Prices?

What will propane gas cost to fill your tank this year? What kind of price can I expect from my propane supplier? Propane prices occasionally spike, increasing disproportionately beyond that expected from normal supply/demand fluctuations. The main cause appears to lie in the logistical difficulty of obtaining resupply during the peak heating season. Because propane is produced at a relatively steady rate year-round by refineries and gas processing plants, there is no ready source of incremental production when supplies run low.

Propane wholesalers and retailers are forced to pay higher prices as propane markets are bid higher due to dwindling supply. Consequently, higher propane prices are simply passed on to consumers. Imports do not offer much cushion for unexpected demand increases or supply shortages due to the long travel time. On the other hand, when propane prices do spike, the petrochemical sector may cut back on its use, thus freeing up supplies for other uses.

Propane prices are subject to a number of influences, some common to all petroleum products, and others unique to propane. Because propane is portable, it can serve many different markets, from fueling barbecue grills to producing petrochemicals. The price of propane in these markets is influenced by many factors, including the prices of competing fuels in each market; the distance propane has to travel to reach a customer; and the volumes used by a customer. More especially, propane prices are affected by Crude Oil and Natural Gas Prices. Although propane is produced from both crude oil refining and natural gas processing, its price is influenced mainly by the cost of crude oil. This is because propane competes mostly with crude oil-based fuels.

The EIA updates the weekly prices from October to March each year.

12/28/2015 1/4/2016 1/11/2016 1/18/2016
East Coast (PADD 1)
2.716 2.733 2.736
New England (PADD 1A)
2.711 2.723 2.742
2.491 2.473 2.472
2.204 2.217 2.204
Massachusetts 2.775 2.829 2.862 2.868
New Hampshire 2.848 2.861 2.868 2.901
Rhode Island 3.314 3.325 3.346 3.343
Vermont 2.985 3.028 3.037 3.107
Central Atlantic (PADD 1B)
2.64 2.666 2.666
2.826 2.822 2.827
2.665 2.678 2.681
New Jersey 3.279 3.306 3.308 3.304
New York 2.437 2.417 2.434 2.475
Pennsylvania 2.729 2.68 2.727 2.685
Lower Atlantic (PADD 1C)
2.807 2.818 2.815
4.637 4.643 4.653
2.053 2.061 2.053
North Carolina 2.348 2.331 2.348 2.342
Virginia 2.705 2.707 2.711 2.707
Midwest (PADD 2)
1.459 1.469 1.476
1.324 1.326 1.337
1.681 1.695 1.726
Iowa 1.008 1.015 1.01 1.009
Kansas 1.157 1.156 1.152 1.147
Kentucky 1.776 1.792 1.828 1.824
Michigan 1.751 1.75 1.761 1.764
Minnesota 1.299 1.308 1.315 1.323
Missouri 1.364 1.373 1.399 1.407
Nebraska 1.034 1.029 1.033 1.019
North Dakota 1.011 1.011 1.009 1.009
Ohio 2.13 2.086 2.128 2.15
Oklahoma 1.533 1.526 1.525 1.526
South Dakota 1.077 1.075 1.077 1.076
Tennessee 3.089 3.162 3.172 3.181
Wisconsin 1.214 1.214 1.213 1.221
Gulf Coast (PADD 3)
2.201 2.211 2.212
2.613 2.623 2.639
1.986 2.004 2.015
Mississippi 2.046 2.037 2.053 2.054
Texas 2.119 2.14 2.143 2.127
Rocky Mountain (PADD 4)
1.833 1.84 1.845
1.805 1.809 1.814
2.099 2.154 2.154
Montana 1.578 1.569 1.567 1.577
Utah 2.304 2.304 2.301 2.298


Use these prices as a guide when shopping for prices from propane dealers.


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Here are the weekly propane prices for Wisconsin for the week ending January 19, 2015

12/15/2014 1.853
12/22/2014 1.836
12/29/2014 1.818
1/5/2015 1.813
1/12/2015 1.809
1/19/2015 1.79

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Propane Buying Tips, how not to get ripped off

Compare your local propane prices. Check to see if your current propane price is competitive. Dreading propane prices this winter? With a little knowledge and some preparation, you might be able to save a significant amount of money on this winters propane costs.

· First things first. Is you current supplier or prospective propane supplier registered with you state’s Department of Consumer Protection? Most states require suppliers to be registered and licensed. If a supplier isn’t registered, how can you trust them? When you decide on a supplier, call your state first to see if there is any complaints filed against them and to verify they are registered before signing up with them.

· Shop around. The price of propane can vary a great deal between competitors in the same market. You should call several suppliers to see what their current prices are and what type of service they supply. You can also shop online checking for the latest prices that a supplier is offering Prices will also vary depending on the amount of propane gas that you need delivered at the time. Obviously the more you order the more of a price break you should receive. Someone who is heating their home with propane should get a better price per gallon than someone who only uses propane for a pool or just for cooking.

· Talk to your neighbors. Find out who they are using and why? Do they offer great prices, great service, ask around. You will need to compare the same terms. Are the prices quoted by the supplier for a leased tank or a purchased one? Is the volume you need the same as your neighbor?

· Possibly form a buying group with your neighbors. There is power in numbers. If you and several of your neighbors can band together and form a buying group, you should be able to get a discount on your purchases. What propane gas supplier wouldn’t be happy to have a group to sell to each and every month?

· If you lease your tank, see if it would save you money if you purchased your tank. Simply ask for a quote from your current supplier AND from the competition. The next time you have your leased tanked filled, call around and ask for quotes for a delivery to a customer owned tank. With these figures, you now calculate whether it is cheaper for you to own your tank or to be a tank leaser.

· When receiving delivery make sure your ticket is accurate. Very simple right? Make sure the proper amount of propane was delivered and the amount on the ticket was the price you were quoted. Mistakes can be made, so stay on top of this.

· Check here to see the current trends in propane prices. If prices have been trending down, but your supplier’s prices is still the same or worse higher, call them out on it by showing the national trend from here.

· For any contract you sign, make sure you receive a signed and dated copy for your records. Also keep your keep all of your delivery receipts for about a year in case of any disputes. Keep these papers with your mortgage papers for easy retrieval if necessary.

· Ask your supplier for a discount. Why not, right? If you have been a steady customer for years, why shouldn’t you get a better price? It cost you nothing to ask, and you have everything to gain don’t you?

· When in doubt, asked until you are satisfied. Have things in writing so all the terms and conditions are clear to you. If anything is unclear, don’t sign until you understand the conditions.

There you have it, some simple steps to take to protect yourself from overpaying and getting the best propane prices this winter. Most propane gas suppliers are reputable, but you should always be looking to protect yourself.

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Here are the current propane prices for Vermont for the week ending January 19, 2015

12/15/2014 2.922
12/22/2014 2.945
12/29/2014 2.893
1/5/2015 2.871
1/12/2015 2.853
1/19/2015 2.994

Heating fuel prices in Vermont are not regulated. However there are laws designed to help consumers from getting ripped off. The Vermont Energy Act of 2011  helped to strengthen consumer protection.

This law has now stopped propane dealers from the following:

  • Requiring a minimum annual fuel purchase. This is allowed only under a guarantees price plan.
  • Charging a minimum use fee
  • Charging a fee for termination of service if the tank has been on your property for more than 12 months

To further protect consumers, there are now new customer disclosure forms that a dealer must fill out for you. This will show you line by line what you are being charged for and exactly how much the charge will be so there are no surprises for you.

Other helpful links:

Vermont Fuel Dealers Association 

Vermont Department of Public Safety Code enforcement of propane

Vermont Attorney General Office Consumer Fraud Rule (CF) 111 Regualtion Of Propane effective January 1, 2012

Vermont Seasonal Fuel Assistance Program



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Here are the weekly residential propane prices for Pennsylvania for the week ending January 19, 2015

12/15/2014 2.872
12/22/2014 2.919
12/29/2014 2.808
1/5/2015 2.779
1/12/2015 2.765
1/19/2015 2.899

Propane Pa

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Maine propane gas prices for the week ending January 19, 2015

12/15/2014 2.758
12/22/2014 2.715
12/29/2014 2.703
1/5/2015 2.688
1/12/2015 2.704
1/19/2015 2.69

Helpful links for Maine propane users:

Efficiency Maine Website

Shows how you can lower your energy costs and possibly qualify for loans to improve your energy efficiency


Governor’s office of energy independence and Security

Helpful site from the Governor’s office


Maine energy marketers

Find a local dealer and energy saving tips.


Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

Maine State Housing Authority web site. If you qualify, you may be able to get assistance from the state to help pay for your heating bills. Also weatherization plans and other ways to lower your energy costs.

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Here are the Michigan Propane Prices for the week ending January 19, 2015

12/15/2014 2.152
12/22/2014 2.132
12/29/2014 2.185
1/5/2015 2.153
1/12/2015 2.178
1/19/2015 2.179

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Why is Mont Belvieu (or Mt. Belvieu) important to propane pricing? After all it is a small town in Texas with a population of about 4,000 people. However about a mile underground are large salt caverns. It is in these caverns that most of our propane is stored. The salt caverns can hold over 40 million barrels of propane gas. They have been used to store propane since the middle 1950’s. This storage facility makes Mt. Belvieu perhaps the most important hub for the storage and pricing of propane gas.

You can find Mont Belvieu propane prices here.

From this storage, propane can move to several areas of the country via pipelines. These pipelines travel to other storage facilites in the Northeast and Southeast and also travel to the Gulf Of Mexico where the propane can be transported by ship.

Remember when you see the propane prices from Mont Belvieu, that doesn’t included freight or tariff charges to your location. All that will be added ot the Mt. Belvieu price.

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