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GasWatch propane tank gauge

GasWatch TVL212 Propane Level Indicator and Safety Gauge

GasWatch model TVL 212, UL approved propane level indicator and safety gauge that is integrated with an easy to see and easy to read colored dial. With…

Flame King YSN-212 Propane Cylinder Gas Gauge Meter

Never run out of propane, Propane level indicator with emergency flow controller & fire shut off. For all propane appliances with type 1 connection. For…

GasWatch TVL212E Electronic Propane-Level Indicator and Safety Gauge

A new generation high-end electronic propane tank level indicator, GasWatch model TVL 212E comes with an easy to read level gauge and a remote LED display…

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Inviting friends over for a summer barbecue? The weather is great, good friends and family coming over to grill some steaks and burgers and dogs. You set up your back yard all nice for everyone to come over. Sounds like a great plan. But what about the most important guest at this BBQ? I’m referring to your propane tank and more specifically; do you have enough propane gas in the tank? This is why you need a propane gauge so you know how much propane gas is in your tank.

Imagine having everyone over, they’re all hungry and you start grilling. You’re hanging out; talking and you notice the flame going out on the grill. Panic time! Now you’re crawling under the grill unhooking the tank as your guests start to snicker. Believe they will, I have had that experience.

After this had occurred and I got that raised eyebrow look from my wife, I figured I needed to do something about it. I needed something to tell me how much propane gas I left in my 20lb propane tank.

The first thing I found was this magnetic gauge that attaches to the side of the tank. It’s sort of like a refrigerator calendar magnet except it will read how much propane gas is still in the tank. It starts out in one color and as the level of gas goes down, it will change color to show how much is left. I have to say we didn’t like it. It was inexpensive, but didn’t do the job.

Next I searched on Amazon to see what they offered. The one I choose was the GasWatch TVL212 Propane-Level Indicator and Safety Gauge.This propane gauge indicates the level of gas with an easy to read color dial. It is made for propane tanks up to 40 pounds and it is easy to connect, no need for tools when installing it. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. This can be used for patio heaters and other outdoor appliances besides a gas grill.

I choose this model because not only would it tell me how much propane gas I have, but it also has an emergency flow limiter in case of major leaks. I like that from a safety perspective and the fact I would hate to be losing money due to a leak in the tank.

I read several of the reviews for the GasWatch Propane Gauge on Amazon. Readers gave it a 3 and a half star out of 5 rating which seems to be pretty good to me. Clicking on newest reviews found people really liking the product. They seem to be really satisfied how easy it is to install and how it helps them to know the amount of gas left. One tip I really liked was adding Teflon tape to the connectors to help guard against any leaks (ok, maybe that was my d’uh moment).

I recently purchased it and I have to say I’m very happy with it (and so is my wife).

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Propane Gas Regulators

Bayou Classic 7850 0-30 PSI Adjustable High-Pressure Propane Regulator for 1/4-Inch Inlets and Outlets

7850 This High Pressure Regulator/Valve is the perfect addition to all of your outdoor cooking. Any product behind the Bayou Classic name is known for…

Camp Chef HRL replacement hose and regulator, 1 PSI

The Camp Chef HRL is a replacement hose for low pressure systems. 1 PSI hose and regulator.

Smith Lp Propane Regulator Cga 510 30-50-510 New

Smith propane regulator #30-50-510.    These regulators feature forged brass bonnet ring, long T-bar adjusting screw and dual gauges … in both…

What is a propane regulator? The purpose of a regulator is regulate or control the flow of propane gas. These will usually be found when you are using a heater for camping or a barbecue grill. A propane regulator will allow you to adjust the amount of propane fuel that is being used. They are also used as a safety feature too.
The idea behind using a gas regulator is to control of limit the amount of propane gas that is passing through the fuel line. The regulator is often manually operated so you may turn it off completely when it is no longer in use. When it is in use, you can adjust the amount of gas being used. You can adjust it so just the right amount is being used. If to little is flowing, then the grill won’t stay lit. If too much (and too much pressure) is going through the fuel line, it can cause an accident or possibly an explosion.

Most people have used a regulator without really thinking about it. Most of the time you have used it with your propane grill. When you go to use your grill, you open up the regulator to allow gas to flow to the burners. Once they are lit, you can then adjust the amount of lp gas that is being consumed.

Buying a propane gas regulator is very easy to do. You can find many sizes to fit your needs online. A good name brand propane regulator by Weber, GasWatch LP and Mr. Heater can be purchased for around $20.

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