Propane Buying Tips, how not to get ripped off

Compare your local propane prices. Check to see if your current propane price is competitive. Dreading propane prices this winter? With a little knowledge and some preparation, you might be able to save a significant amount of money on this winters propane costs.

· First things first. Is you current supplier or prospective propane supplier registered with you state’s Department of Consumer Protection? Most states require suppliers to be registered and licensed. If a supplier isn’t registered, how can you trust them? When you decide on a supplier, call your state first to see if there is any complaints filed against them and to verify they are registered before signing up with them.

· Shop around. The price of propane can vary a great deal between competitors in the same market. You should call several suppliers to see what their current prices are and what type of service they supply. You can also shop online checking for the latest prices that a supplier is offering Prices will also vary depending on the amount of propane gas that you need delivered at the time. Obviously the more you order the more of a price break you should receive. Someone who is heating their home with propane should get a better price per gallon than someone who only uses propane for a pool or just for cooking.

· Talk to your neighbors. Find out who they are using and why? Do they offer great prices, great service, ask around. You will need to compare the same terms. Are the prices quoted by the supplier for a leased tank or a purchased one? Is the volume you need the same as your neighbor?

· Possibly form a buying group with your neighbors. There is power in numbers. If you and several of your neighbors can band together and form a buying group, you should be able to get a discount on your purchases. What propane gas supplier wouldn’t be happy to have a group to sell to each and every month?

· If you lease your tank, see if it would save you money if you purchased your tank. Simply ask for a quote from your current supplier AND from the competition. The next time you have your leased tanked filled, call around and ask for quotes for a delivery to a customer owned tank. With these figures, you now calculate whether it is cheaper for you to own your tank or to be a tank leaser.

· When receiving delivery make sure your ticket is accurate. Very simple right? Make sure the proper amount of propane was delivered and the amount on the ticket was the price you were quoted. Mistakes can be made, so stay on top of this.

· Check here to see the current trends in propane prices. If prices have been trending down, but your supplier’s prices is still the same or worse higher, call them out on it by showing the national trend from here.

· For any contract you sign, make sure you receive a signed and dated copy for your records. Also keep your keep all of your delivery receipts for about a year in case of any disputes. Keep these papers with your mortgage papers for easy retrieval if necessary.

· Ask your supplier for a discount. Why not, right? If you have been a steady customer for years, why shouldn’t you get a better price? It cost you nothing to ask, and you have everything to gain don’t you?

· When in doubt, asked until you are satisfied. Have things in writing so all the terms and conditions are clear to you. If anything is unclear, don’t sign until you understand the conditions.

There you have it, some simple steps to take to protect yourself from overpaying and getting the best propane prices this winter. Most propane gas suppliers are reputable, but you should always be looking to protect yourself.

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