The winter of 2010-2011 saw fuel prices spike. Lead by crude oil prices, heating oil prices and propane prices where at their highest levels in years. This has prompted complains by consumer in Vermont about high propane prices and what to do about them.

Many Vermont users of propane cited these as the main problems with using propane gas. Minimum usage fees, termination fees and refunds are not sent on a timely basis.

Another major problem is that Vermonters cannot own their own propane tank. In many other states the consumer has a choice to buy their tank instead of renting it. When you one you own take, you are free to buy propane from any dealer. This gives you the opportunity for the tank owners to shop around for the lowest propane prices. When you rent the tank, you can only buy propane from the dealer you rent the tank from. This prevents you from shopping and comparing prices.

The Vermont legislature is now looking in to this situation. The Vermont Fuel Dealers Association feels that safety is a major concern, so that the tanks should remain under the ownership of a dealer to insure the safe use of the tank.

On the other side, consumer groups are calling for the homeowner to have a choice whether to own or rent a tank.

You can read more here on this story by WCAX.

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