Cuisinart GR-4N 5 in 1 Griddler Review

Are you looking for a great kitchen appliance that can act as 5 different appliances? Then you should considering adding the Cuisinart GR-4N 5 in 1 Griddler to your kitchen lineup.

Cusinart 5 in 1 griddler ratings4 star rating with 335 customer reviews

As one of the kitchen appliance industry’s most accomplished names for household appliances, Cuisinart has once again provided the average homemaker a multiple tool of convenience. The countertop Cuisinart Griddler with the functionality of a 5 in 1 product can take the place of a simple Panini press as well as all various types of griddles in one convenient appliance.

You can use this Cuisinart Griddler as a contact grill, a Panini press, as a full grill, a full griddle and as a half grill / half griddle. Read on learn all of the features of this amazing kitchen product.

Now the full or half griddle / grill and the optional press for Panini’s should no longer be an unnecessary way of cluttering the kitchen. The ever-classic contemporary, sleek design of the Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddle features a remarkable floating hinged cover for the adjustment and accommodation of those thicker foods.

Greater accuracy in everyday cooking can be found in the availability of two controls for temperature and selector for one function, both easily marked on the appliance base. Indicator lights will provide fast and simple reference for all your cooking needs.

Non-stick griddle and grill plates are fully removable or reversible for customization of your required needs. Those features make the 5 in 1 an easily cleaned appliance, no longer a hassle for the homemaker. Backed by a wonderful three-year warranty, this easy to clean appliance adds enjoyment back into the kitchen.


Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler:Cuisinart griddler for breakfast

This new Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler provides the convenience of it’s multiple uses into a completely dishwasher safe product.

Various parts and features of the Griddler:

1. Base and Cover; constructed from a strong stainless steel, it offers a fully self-adjusting cover allowing the user the variety of thickness in food source.

2. Panini styled handle; handle made from cast metal in a functional, yet sturdy durable style. That handle will allow full adjustment of the cover for the continued thickness variation of foods.

3. Selector; easily choice between the Griddle functions or the Grill / Panini functions.

4. Drip Tray; functional, yet easily to remove drip tray for the collection of grease. This feature of easy removal makes clean up of the appliance less stressful.

5. Removable and Reversible Cooking Plates; fully dishwasher safe, these non-stick plates make for a faster and easier clean up of the griddle.

6. Hinge Release Lever; this easily allows for the cover to extend for the cooking of food in a flat position (no matter what the food thickness will be).

7. Controls; lights that signal the setting for ready to cook and power on are provided for ease in seeing.

8. Plate Release Buttons; easy to use buttons that allow the removal and release of the cooking plates (for easy clean up).

9. Griddle; temperature ranging from 9 degrees up to 25 degrees can be easily adjusted for your cooking needs.

10. Grill / Panini, those temperatures can be adjusted from “sear” to “warm”.

11. Grill Side; this side of the Griddler will work perfectly for the grilling needs of chicken, burgers, steak, or even vegetables.

12. Griddle Side; these multiple use side works wonderful for the cooking of bacon, eggs, or pancakes.

13. Scraping / Cleaning Tool; last is the feature that will be the most important to the griddle. This tool will aid in the cleaning process after your cooking is completed.

Griddler’s Multiple / Various Uses:

Cuisinart cooking hamburgersUsed as a contact grill for the cooking of burgers, meat, or vegetables the Griddler works to it’s fullest potential. This appliance will help you as a useful appliance in the achievement of grilled healthy food, or even in the desire to cook your food in as short of a time as possible. Because the Griddler takes the opportunity to cook the food on both sides at the same time for a more even, faster cooking process. The easily removed plates keep the grease away from the food, while removal of those plates make clean up a cinch. As well as the grease spout of the back of the plates keep all the excess grease contained and separate from your meat. While it will be essential to rest the top of the appliance directly on the food, until the desired temperature is reached for your cooking. In the unique designed handle’s hinge the Griddler is allowed to be adjusted during grilling to the thickness of your food. That makes it very helpful when you are cooking separate foods, although it is recommended to cook similar thickness in foods for the greatest benefit of consistency.

Cuisinart Panini Press

Bread, quesadillas, and sandwiches are easily grilled using the convenient Panini press sides to the Griddler. Those plates will easily heat and toast the bread of the sandwiches to a perfect consistency. Various bread choices can be used for delicious and tasty Panini’s using the Griddler. A variety of styles can be created on your Panini by combining the sides for a different appearance in grill marks. Similarly to working a regular grill the Griddler uses the handle to assist in making the grilling of a variety in thickness possible.

Using the Griddler as a Full Grill

Whether you are grilling fish, chicken, vegetables, or burgers the Griddler can be used with ease. The term full grill merely means using the cover in an open position to allow for a surface of double the size. You will however be required to flip your food over for even cooking when using the Griddler as a full grill. Many people prefer this way of cooking for a large amount of food at one instance. Most preferable especially when cooking two different foods, to prevent the mixing of flavors. When using the Griddler as a full grill you will not be required to make sure the thickness are similar.

Making the Griddler a Full Griddle

Identical to the full grill, a full griddle means using the entire surface for the cooking of a larger quantity of food. Perfect for making breakfast from a multiple of food varieties at one time. Just as when using the Cuisinart Griddle as a full grill, this will not require the food to be of the same thickness.

Half Griddle/ Half Grill Uses

Various foods such as bacon, eggs, or potatoes can be easily fixed at once by converting the Griddler into both a grill and a griddle. Merely place the appliance on a flat surface, inserting the plates one in a grill position and the opposite in griddle position. Now with those plates in the correct positions you will have the option of placing the temperature in either the grill/Panini or griddle position.

Easy Insertion of the Cooking Plates

To insert the removable plates, adjust the appliance into a flat position with the temperature controls facing you. In that position the drip tray should be on the back of the plate, carefully tilt the back of the plate up. While the plate is tilted the cutouts should be at the back with the brackets located at the appliances center. Gently, push down the front of your plate after sliding it beneath the brackets. For the insertion of the second plate merely repeat the process.

Cooking Plate Removal

The simple and easy to clean Griddler can be taken back apart for the cleaning process. But remember to wait until the appliance has cooled properly. Once it has cooled, use the plate release button on the side for the removal of the plates. When the button is pressed firmly, the plates will easily come off. Grip the plate with both hands and carefully slide it out from under the brackets. Repeat for the second plate.

Drip Tray Care

Located on the inside of a slot at the side of the Griddler’s base is the drip tray for the excess grease storage. That grease is transferred from the food through the spout to the tray on the side. Make sure to properly clean the grease from the spout with the use of a paper towel for sanitation purposes. Dispose of the grease from the tray as well as the excess left on the Griddler surface in a proper fashion. Once that grease has been removed the drip tray can be fully submersed in hot soapy water for a thorough cleaning, or you may wash in the dishwasher.

Cuisinart Griddler Care and Cleaning

When your food has finished cooking, shut the Griddler off and unplug the cord. After the appliance has thoroughly cooled for approximately half an hour, remove any food that has remained on the plates using your cleaning scraper. Remove the plates with the assistance of the release button and wash in either the dishwasher or in warm water. Remember to use a dry, soft rag to thoroughly clean the appliance cover, control knobs, and the entire housing unit. It is permitted to use a warm damp rag for the removal of any leftover hard to remove food and stains.

Adding the Good Life to Your Kitchen

Cuisinart cooking chickenThis can be one of the best options of adding both enjoyment and variety back into your cooking experiences. Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler will offer a multitude of menu varieties, making the cooking process for family or friends the pleasure we all desire. It has the ability to cook food thoroughly in a faster time will provide you a chance to produce delicious food in a speedy fashion. Following the introduction of the infamous food processor more than 30 years ago, Cuisinart once again makes a huge appliance stand in the kitchen. The feature of cooking your food in such a short amount of time is one that makes using a Cuisinart appliance one of the most popular products on the market. Recipes using fresh ingredients are a comfortable, simple, and easy technique making your food choices a healthier fat free lifestyle possibility. Free time can be accomplished with ease when using the Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler, by it’s faster cooking times and ease of clean up.

Cuisinart Griddler 5 in 1

Once again Cuisinart has brought to the average kitchen an appliance that makes cooking not only a pleasure but adds the ease of clean up that everyone is looking for. Not only will you save time in the process of meal preparation but you will also be spared the amount of grease that can reside in your meat. The convenient drip tray helps to take that excess grease away, allowing your food to cook in it’s own juices instead of the fatty grease.

Whether you are in the process of fixing breakfast for the entire family, or cooking an elegant, full range of courses for dinner, the Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler will make those preparations easy. Everyone will be able to prepare a very enjoyable meal with greater ease, making healthy carefree lifestyle a pleasure. The convenience that is offered in this one simple appliance will help you to enjoy your life either inside or outside. No more hours spent cleaning up the grill or griddle, just simply pop the cooking plates apart for extremely fast cleaning.

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As you know by reading this review of the Cuisinart Griddler, that it is a great little appliance to have in your home. Here is a quick reference guide to using the Griddler.

Before the first use

Remove all of the packing materials. Carefully check the grill for additional labels or stickers. Check all the parts against the parts list that is in the manual.

Before using, take a damp cloth and wipe the base, cover and controls of the Griddler. Also be sure to clean the drip tray, cook plates and scraping/cleaning tool. Those items are dishwasher safe.

Setup of your new Cuisinart Grill

Place your new Griddler on a clean flat surface where you plan on cooking with it.

How to set the drip tray: Follow the instructions on the drip tray and carefully slide it into the base.

How to insert the cooking plates: To adjust to the flat position, you will need to left the hinge release lever. Next, slide the plate underneath the metal brackets and push down on the front end of the cooking plate. If you are only going to use one plate for cooking, Cuisinart recommends using the bottom plate for best results.

Plug the Griddler into an outlet.

Turn the Selector knob for the function you wish to use. Griddle or Grill/Panini. The power is on when the red indicator light is illuminated.

Using the temperature dials: To set it at your desired temperature, turn the corresponding temperature dial. Preheat the Griddler in the closed position for best results.
When the Griddler reaches the preset temperature, the green light will then go on. You are now ready to begin cooking. Do not touch the plates or cover at this point since they will now be hot. Safety note: Each temperature dial will control the top and bottom plates at the same time. Both plates will cook at the same temperature.

Cooking options

There are five different ways to cook on the Cuisinart Griddler, that’s what makes this grill so versatile!

Contact Grill You can cook hamburgers, vegetables and boneless meats by resting the top cover on top of the food until it has reached the desired temperature for cooking.

Panini Press (my favorite use of the Griddler) To grill quesadillas, sandwiches and breads, you simply rest the top cover on top of the food. You may press it down to heat it up to your personal liking.

Full Grill You can open up the Griddler so both plate are flat. Use this to cook burgers, poultry, steaks and vegetables.

Full Griddle This is for you morning people. Put the Griddler in the flat open position to cook eggs, pancakes, hash browns and other breakfast meats.

Half Grill/ Half Griddle When you want to cook bacon and eggs or steak and potatoes at the same time, use the griddle plate on one side and the grill plate on the other in the flat open position.

Cleaning and care of your Cuisinart Griddler

Before cleaning your Griddler, allow it about 30 minutes for it to cool down completely.

Turn the Selector Dials to the off position and remover the plug from the outlet.

Use the cleaning/scraping tool that came with your unit to remove food from the cooking plates. Do not use knives or forks or any metal objects to clean the plates. Also do not use a scouring pad either.

Once the drip tray has cooled, dispose of the grease trapped in it.

Removing the Cooking Plates: When the unit is in the flat position, press the plate release button that is on the right side of the housing and slide the plate out from under the metal brackets.

For your convenience, the drip tray, cooking plates and the cleaning/scraping tool can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. You may also do it by hand too.

After it has cooled down and you are done using it, you may wipe the housing, cover and controls with a soft dry cloth.

There you have the quick start guide to using your new Cuisinart 5 in 1 Griddler. More detailed instructions can be found in the free instruction booklet that comes with your unit.

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