Keeping the cold air out and the warm air in your home is an on going battle we face. Most of those air leaks will be found around doors and windows. Many people forget to check under the doors for those leaks.

There are several different types of door sweeps that are available to use.

The most common door sweep is one that attaches to the lower edge of the door. These is usually a metal strip the attaches to the door that has a piece of rubber that will lightly graze your floor. This helps prevents drafts from entering your home. These need to be checked periodically since they tend to wear out after much use.

Door sweeps are made from metal, wood or even plastic. The plastic ones usually attach to the door with a sticky tape. Just peel off the paper, and apply it to the door.

Another type would be a door threshold. This can be a little difficult to install, but it does work great. It is made of wood or metal and has either a rubber or vinyl strip in the center of it. It is set slightly high in the threshold so that it come in contact with the bottom of the door when closed, there by making a tight seal.

The door sweeps I have described above are usually for exterior doors and garage doors. If you have a drafty room, or want to close off certain rooms, then you can add an interior door sweep. You have seen these on TV. It is a piece of felt that fits under the door and is anchored on both side of the door with a round piece of foam rubber. These are very effective and inexpensive to install.

Take the time now to inspect your existing door sweeps, or to see if installing one will help prevent those drafts.


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