A great and easy way to save on heating and cooling costs is to buy a programmable thermostat. Studies have shown that the average household can save good money by buying one and maintaining the proper settings for maximum savings.


A programmable thermostat makes it easy for you to save money by using the four pre-programmed settings that allows you to regulate your home’s temperature when you are home, away at work or even on vacation.


The pre-program settings are designed to give you comfort and savings. Depending on your family’s schedule, you can realize significant savings. For example if your home is empty during the day with your family at school and at work, then you can have the thermostat lower the temperature automatically when you are getting ready to leave. Before the first person comes home, the thermostat can automatically begin to heat your home about 30-60 minutes before they arrive home. That is the main feature of a programmable thermostat. It will automatically set the temperature so you don’t have to manually adjust it each time. Think how nice it is to save money with the thermostat set back during the day, saving your heating dollars, but you will come home to a nice warm home when it automatically adjusts it higher for you?


Here are the recommended programmable thermostat settings by energystar.gov below:


Choosing the right programmable thermostat


Generally speaking, each programmable thermostat comes with 4 setting that are already pre-programmed. There are other more expensive models with additional features. A basic programmable thermostat will serve you fine, so you don’t really need these other features.

Some features on the more expensive models are as follows:

  • Touch screen programming
  • Backlit displays
  • Digital displays
  • Voice programming
  • Telephone programming


When you go to buy a programmable thermostat, consider how much you want to spend on it, and what your schedules are to get the maximum benefits from it.

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