If you have a heating and cooling system using forced air, then this will be a very important post for you to read. According to the energy star web site, you can be facing a heating a cooling loss of about 20%. That is a lot of money to lose year round, down you agree?

Most duct work will be in the walls, crawlspaces and areas where you cannot reach them. For the areas that are accessible, you will need to take the time to inspect each joint to see if they are set correctly and also are properly sealed.

Turn your system on and place your hand over each joint. If you read my previous post here, I wrote how I discovered how my ducts were leaking. I originally use duct tape to seal the joints, but in a matter of weeks it became unglued and was falling off the joints.

I then purchased mastic tape to seal the ducts. It has a reflective metal look to it. On the other side is the part that you attach to the duct. It has paper that you remove so that it will stick to the ducts. It is easy to use as a duct sealant. Just cut it to size and place it on the offending joints.

Also check where your ducts connect to the registers in your home. This is another area where leaks can develop. Often time the register doesn’t fill the entire gap in the wall and cold air is allowed to seep into the rooms. Also check that there is strong airflow coming from the registers.

By taking the time to do this, you should be able to save money and feel more comfortable all year round by following these steps.

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